Fruit of My Womb Pregnancy Timeline Growth Chart




Relish the "Fruits" of Your Labor



As you travel through your journey of pregnancy milestones, feel and witness the fruit of your womb's growth come to fruition- from tiny lil' seedling to that sweet lil' sprout is out 'n' about...

Turn up this memorable occasion & click on the image below to purchase your own 18" x 24" Fruit of My Womb Growth Chart! 

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F.Y.I to the D.I.Y.

On your mark... get your paint markers set... 'n' go track your special journey every growth spurt milestone of the way!!! 

This poster is especially fruitfully effervescent... bursting with array joyous of vibrant colors, a matte finish, & adhesive along the back lending versatility to its mounting capabilities.

Application Tips: 

  • Clean surfaced wall
  • Poster board
  • Cork board
  • Foam core
  • Frame
  • Whatever tickles your creative DIY genius fancy

Poster Specs:

Material: Eco-Friendly Permanent Matte Adhesive Vinyl

Size (Inches): 18" x 24"

***To avoid smudging and for most vibrant outcome,  we recommend using a permanent paint marker, but remember that will complete your entry "for good".

Should you wish to change/edit/erase, then a water based paint marker might be your best bet, where your entry may be apt to smear, but a mild damp cloth w/ some gentle elbow grease should render it back to a clean slate.


Size Charts- How To Pick The Best Fit

Fruit Of My Womb Pregnancy Milestone T-Shirt Features & Fabrication:

*TIP-The "bump" measurement can be approximately determined by how many weeks along you are during your pregnancy...


*12 weeks =12”in   *28 weeks=28”in   *38 weeks=38"in

(If you are viewing via mobile device you may need to "swipe right"/zoom in to view complete diagram.)

*Diagram solely provided as reference to assist in selecting best fit according one's approximate measurements by "inches".

RAD DAD'S -Men's Tee's

Cause baby daddy deserve to "rock that dad bod" too!

#Onezie Onesie's: It's a Cele-BAE-tion for Your Creation!

Features & Fabrication:

*Diagram solely provided as a reference to assist in selecting best fit according one's approximate measurements by "inches".